The Gorbals Vampire

On the evening of 23 September 1954, Gorbals Constable Alex Deeprose was called to the Southern Necropolis.  Hundreds of children aged 5-12, with makeshift primitive weapons were hunting “vampire with iron teeth” who had killed and eaten “two wee boys”. The kids left as darkness fell, but still returned following evening. The spectacle made the news worldwide, and was blamed on american horror comics. But was there really a vampire out there? Early 19th century Children living near Glasgow Green spoke of “Jenny wi’ the Ir’n teeth”, immortalised in an 1870 Scottish dialect poem by Alexander Anderson, “Jenny wi the Airn Teeth”, which encouraged children to go to sleep or Jenny will “sink her teeth into their plump wee sides”.

Other reports of Glasgow children gathering to search for monsters included “Spring Heeled Jack” in the 1930s; a banshee and a white lady, although these were not recorded at the time and only remembered after the incident at the Necropolis.

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