The Miracles of St Mungo

St Mungo is the patron saint of Glasgow. Ever since he settled there in the 6th century, stories of his life give him a mythical status. He brought a robin back to life, brought a fire to life from a hazel tree branch, and was gifted a handbell by the Pope. His most famous legend is the ring and the fish. A Queen formed a close relationship with a knight, and gifted her ring given to her by the King. The King found out, and while out hunting, removed ring as the knight was sleeping, and threw it into the River Clyde. Back at the castle, the King demanded the ring from his Queen, threatening her life. She pleaded for ring back from the knight – but of course this was impossible. The desperate Queen confessed to St Mungo, who sent one of his monks to go fishing, and to bring back the first fish caught. He did so and St Mungo took the lost ring from the fish’s mouth, saving the Queen’s life and marriage.

Today, the miracles of St Mungo can be seen on the Glasgow coat of arms, and all around the city – from lampposts to university buildings. How many can you find? 

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